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5th Grade Committee Meeting NotesTanya Moser11/30/201912/14/2019
5th Grade Committee Meeting Notes
Hey all,   Jennifer Geisler was nice enough to get this all compiled for me with just a few additions on my end.    First, to address some of the questions and concerns I got ahead of time: All 5th-grade activities are going through the PTA. At previous PTA meetings, there were several complaints that parents didn't know where money from fundraisers was going. The PTA Treasurer is now responsible for keeping track of all monies taken in that benefit the 5th grade.     The date for the moving up ceremony has not yet been determined.  As soon as I get a date I ... read full article
Yearbook SaleAllie Moser9/15/20199/29/2019
Yearbook Sale
Yearbooks are for everyone, not just 5th graders! TreeRing allows you to insert photos that will only be in your child's yearbook with its custom pages feature. We have reached a goal of one free yearbook by purchasing at least 5 yearbooks before 9/15. We need to have 19 more pre-orders before 12/15 to earn another free book. All pre-orders receive a 15% discount before 9/30, 10% in October, and 5% percent in November. Discounts do not affect our fundraising efforts!!! As per tradition, each year we provide the office, library, and each 5th grade classroom with a free yearbook! ... read full article